Pre-Primary School


Child Age : 1½ - 2½ years

The curriculum concentrates more on social and emotional development of the child and includes rhymes, playing different indoor games.


Child Age : 2½ - 3½ years

The curriculum of this age group focuses on fine and gross motor skills, cognitive skills, linguistic skills and social and emotional development.


Child Age : 3½ - 4½ years

Written English and Math is Introduced.


Child Age : 4½ - 5½ years

One or More Languages along with English and Maths.

School Highlights

  • The school follows play based unique methods at Pre-Primary level for the overall development of the children. Pre-Primary wing is designed according to the child’s age
  • Introduction of writing through strokes. Teaching alphabet in a systematic and scientific way
  • The students who are to be improved, are given personal care.
  • General Knowledge through environmental studies.
  • Sessions on Phonetics and an English Enhancement
  • Digital classes to make the concepts clear.
  • Role plays to teach manners and Habits
  • Development of skills like language math, social, fine & Gross motor and emotional skills.
  • Art and Activity
  • English Language Lab
  • Library
  • Rhymes and Stories
  • Language improvement through phonics activities related to fine motor, gross motor and cognitive skills development theme based colour concept activities are conducted on every Saturday.